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Conserving wildlife habitat, agricultural and forest lands, scenic open space, wetlands, and shorelines for the benefit of our community and as a legacy for future generations.

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Skagit Land Trust (the Trust)is a non-profit membership-based organization that conserves conservation land and stewards it for our community and future generations of people and wildlife. We purchase and accept donations of land and conservation easements, and we assist partners with land conservation projects. We only work with willing landowners so that all conservation we undertake is voluntary. We are a private 501C-3 nonprofit organization. Many land and conservation easement donations or bargain-sales to the Trust are charitable gifts. We also purchase critical conservation land at appraised value. Financial suport comes from contributions from our supporters and grants.

Skagit Land Trust Conservation Areas are lands we own and manage. Our Conservation Areas are often open to the public for low-impact access. Several have developed trails and parking areas on them. Properties with voluntary Conservation Easements are owned by private landowners or by public agencies (like the Anacortes Community Forest Lands). Most Conservation Easements on public lands allow low-impact public access. Conservation Easements on private lands are not required to be open to the public by federal or state charitable laws.

Click or tap any pushpin on the map above to find out more about that property. Drag the map to reposition; use your mouse's scroll wheel or pinch to zoom in.Learn more about visiting Skagit Land Trust Conservation Areas and places where you can experience a Natural Skagit.

How do select the lands we conserve? Check out our Conservation Strategy Overview here: Conservation Strategy handout.pdf; and executive summary: ConservationStrategy_ExecutiveSummary edited with photos 2016.docx

And our climate change strategy here:Climate Change and the SLT Conservation Strategy 3.docx

 Property Name TypeAcquiredLocationAcreage
Anacortes - ACFLEasement1999Anacortes1680
Anacortes - MehlerEasement1995Anacortes22.5
Anacortes - TursiEasement1997Anacortes12.5
Ann Wolford (USFS)Trust-Assisted2002Concrete77
Ann Wolford- formerly Nichols BarTrust-Assisted2009Middle Skagit33
Barney LakeTrust-Owned1995Barney Lake361
Barr CreekTrust-Owned2008Rockport, WA44.35
Bay View - MiceliEasement2010Padilla Bay1.42
Big Lake WetlandsTrust-Owned2016Big Lake67
Big RockEasement1996Big Rock14
Birdsview - ElysiumEasement2006Birdsview119
Buchannan Hill - Channing/MartinEasement1994Clear Lake5
Butler Creek - RaymerTrust-Owned1996Butler Creek13
Butler Flats FarmTrust-Assisted2001Butler Flats139
Campbell Lake - Ham/AlexandraEasement1993Fidalgo Island7
Cascade River - Keller/KarlbergEasement1998Cascade River31.5
Cascade River - TreziseTrust-Owned2014Cascade River12
Cascade River South 1Trust-Owned2015Cascade River4.5
Cascadian FarmEasement1995Rockport56
Clear Lake Farm - BoyesEasement2003Clear Lake21
Cumberland CreekTrust-Owned2005Cumberland Creek211
Cypress Island - FaheyEasement2007Cypress Island99
Cypress Island - HamEasement1999Cypress Island28
Day CreekTrust-Owned2008Day Creek42
Day Creek - KosbabTrust-Owned2003Day Creek110
Day Creek ForestTrust-Owned2012Day Creek75
Day Creek SloughTrust-Owned2004Day Creek21
DiobsudTrust-Assisted2000Diobsud Creek15
Diobsud Creek - Barbieri/JordanEasement1997Diobsud Creek11
Fidalgo BayEasement1999Fidalgo Island532
Fidalgo Bay CarstensTrust-Owned2016Fidalgo Bay1
Francis RoadTrust-Assisted2001Nookachamps Creek88
Grandy CreekTrust-Owned2003Grandy Creek54
Green Road MarshTrust-Owned1997Green Road 42
Guemes Island - AndersonEasement2016Guemes Island36
Guemes Island - Kelly's PointTrust-Owned2018Guemes Island27
Guemes Mountain & ValleyTrust-Owned2009Guemes Island80
Hickox RoadEasement1995Mount Vernon33.5
Hurn FieldTrust-Owned1999Concrete111
Illabot CreekEasement2014Upper Skagit100
Iron Mountain - Seattle City LightEasement2005O'Toole Creek236
Jackman CreekTrust-Owned2007Concrete26
Little Mountain - DarvillEasement1996Little Mountain Park36
Lyman SloughTrust-Owned2004Lyman19
March Point - QuattroEasement2016Fidalgo Island5
March Point Heronry Trust-Owned1994March Point3.5
Minkler LakeTrust-Owned2003west of Lyman138
Mt. Erie - TurnerEasement2009Anacortes12
Mud LakeTrust-Owned1998Clear Lake60
North Fork Skagit - SummersEasement1999North Fork Skagit River34
Pressentin RanchTrust-Owned2010Concrete, WA40.8
Samish Island - CorkeryEasement1994Samish Island25.5
Samish Island - GoldstonEasement1999Samish Island6
Samish Island - GrandyEasement1998Samish Island6
Samish Island - SchayesEasement1997Samish Island6
Samish Island - SquiresEasement1995Samish Island 14
Samish River - KoetjeTrust-Owned1996Samish River2
Samish River - OchsTrust-Owned2009East of Alger28.1
Sedro-Woolley - KretschmerEasement1999Sedro-Woolley14
Skiyou IslandTrust-Assisted2003Sedro-Woolley593
South SkagitTrust-Owned2000South Skagit Highway23
South Skagit - WellsEasement1992Mill Creek6.5
Suiattle RiverEasement1994Suiattle River320
Sumner LakeTrust-Owned2010Big Lake Area20
Sumner LakeEasement2010Big Lake Area7
TNC - South CascadeTrust-Assisted2007Cascade River100
Tope RyanTrust-Owned1996Alger16
Tursi TrailTrust-Assisted2016Fidalgo Island0
Upper Skagit - MallietEasement1998Marblemount22
Upper Skagit - PandoraTrust-Assisted1998Skagit River2
UtopiaTrust-Owned2012Sedro Woolley87.74
Youngs Slough - Wood/GambleEasement2005Sedro-Woolley60
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Acres Protected 

Conservation Easements (37): 3,629 acres
Trust-Owned Lands (41): 2,968 acres
Trust-Facilitated Projects (36): 1,595 acres
TOTAL acres protected: 8,192

Conservation Values Protected

Forested Habitat: 5,274 acres
Agricultural Lands: 816 acres
Lakes and Wetlands: 842 acres
Intertidal Habitat: 541 feet
Saltwater Shoreline: 17,670 ft
River Shoreline: 40.1 miles

Skagit Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with EIN# 91-1533402.