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Conserving wildlife habitat, agricultural and forest lands, scenic open space, wetlands, and shorelines for the benefit of our community and as a legacy for future generations.

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Public Access Information

Skagit Land Trust (SLT) conserves wildlife habitat, agricultural and forest lands, scenic open space, wetlands, and shorelines for the benefit of our community and as a legacy for future generations. SLT’s priority is protecting the conservation values for which our properties were protected. Where appropriate, public access to Trust owned properties is one of the many public benefits of Trust ownership of land.

The public is welcome to visit open conservation areas and engage in nature observation and low-impact recreational activities such as hiking and wildlife watching. Visitors should stay on marked trails, where they exist, to minimize disturbance of native plants and wildlife, and to avoid hazards. Visitors may help other members of the public enjoy these places by recreating in quiet, unobtrusive ways, preserving the natural sights and sounds of SLT conservation areas.

*This information applies to SLT owned Conservation Areas, not to lands protected by an agreement with a private landowner. SLT does not require that all private landowners we work with allow public access.

Skagit Land Trust General Public Access Procedures

SLT established these guidelines to protect conservation values of our conservation areas, and to ensure that visitors have safe, enjoyable experiences. If these procedures are not followed by visitors, important conservation values may be threatened. SLT reserves the right to enforce protections on these lands, as well as close properties that have previously been open to public access if necessary to protect them.

As a proud partner of Leave No Trace, we follow their principles to ensure environmentally responsible outdoor enjoyment on our properties.

To learn more about Leave No Trace, click here.

Additionally, stay out of environmentally sensitive areas. These are not limited to but may include bogs, surfaces with thin soil cover, wildlife breeding and rearing habitat, wetlands, areas with rare or fragile vegetation. Follow good practices to limit the introduction of non-native species, including cleaning clothing and items used in the field to limit the spread of non-native seeds and diseases.

We would also love to see you at some our on-site events! Help steward conservation areas by attending a SLT field event or by becoming a member!


Are all of Skagit Land Trusts’ lands open for public use?

Almost all of our lands are open for the public to enjoy. We may restrict some properties that serve as nesting grounds or habitat for certain fragile wildlife. We also may restrict some lands for saftey reasons as well.

Some properties may have restrictions on hunting, fishing, hiking, large parties etc.

To see the restrictions placed on the land you are interested in, visit our Lands We Protect page or email us at

Are there bathrooms, tables, shelters etc. on properties?

The majority of our lands were protected as conservation areas. To reduce our impact; we do not have bathrooms, tables, shelters etc. on the majority of the properties. To see what areas we recommend for walking and hiking trips, which are more set-up for recreation activities, please see our Visiting Trust Properties page.

Is hunting allowed on Skagit Land Trust properties?

Hunting is allowed on limited properties. Please visit our hunting page for more information.

Is fishing allowed on Skagit Land Trust properties?

Yes, please refer to our fishing page for more information.

Fishing at Trust properties

Can I have events (weddings, etc) on Skagit Land Trust Properties?

We love to see our lands being used as part of the community. Many of our lands provide beautiful backdrops and wonderful spaces for these types of events. Please email us at to get more information on having one of these types of events on Trust lands.

We do not charge anything for use of public lands. We do like to keep track of how these lands are being used, and it is helpful when planning stewardship work to know when events are taking place.

Are dogs allowed on Skagit Land Trust Properties?

Dogs on leash are welcome on most of Skagit Land Trusts Properties. Many of our properties are home to salmon bearing streams, or have water which contribute to our local marine health. Please be sure to scoop up your dog’s poop to help maintain water quality for all those who use these waterways!

Is camping allowed on Skagit Land Trust properties?

We encourage the public to visit our lands, but please do not camp there. Our conservation areas are not set up for the extended impacts which come with camping. Allowing people to stay in these areas could cause damage to fragile areas that we work so hard to restore.

What are some restricted activities on SLT properties?

Trapping, harassment or feeding of wildlife or the installation of wildlife or trail cameras. We do not allow the collection or harvest of natural resources. Enjoy some native berries while on the trail, but please don't take any home. Be considerate of those who are also using these properties and may want some too! Do help yourself to invasive blackberries in unlimited quantities. Stay on the trail when there is one. If there is no trail be aware of where you are stepping, and don't destroy the native vegetation or natural features.

We do not allow motorized vehicles, biking or horseback riding on SLT properties. We love to see dogs on a leash out recreating! Although we do have some partnerships with local farmers, we do not allow those we do not have partnerships to keep any domesticated livestock on SLT properties. Please do not make any additional trails or remove any SLT signs or flagging,

Be respectful of those who are also using these spaces. Please no loud music or other noise that disrupts the natural landscape. We also do not allow drones, or any other unmanned aircraft, fireworks or fires. To keep these areas scenic no dumping or littering, please pack out what you pack in!

Can I get involved in restoration work on my favorite property?

Yes! We have volunteer and citizen science opportunities on all of our properties and many of our easements. If you are interested in upcoming events, please click here. If you have a group who would like to schedule an event, or if you would like more information, please email us at

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