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Pressentin Ranch Property

Property Description

Pressentin Ranch was purchased in 2010 with help from a Salmon Recovery Funding Board grant. This peaceful 40 acre property lies along the shoreline and on the floodplain of the Skagit River. It connects to protected DNR land to the west and is across  the Skagit River and slightly east of Hurn Field.  Its shoreline, riparian area, open field and woodland all provide fantastic habitat for wildlife, especially salmon and elk.

    A view of Pressentin Ranch Conservation Area from across the Skagit River. 


Pressentin Ranch consists of wooded riparian areas, Skagit River shoreline, and open pastures. The mixed forest is dominated by conifers such as western red cedar and douglas fir, and hardwood species such as black cottonwood and big leaf maple.   They all provide excellent salmon habitat along the Skagit River and the open pastures provide grazing habitat for elk. Other wildlife found here include bald eagles and other raptors, bats, and coyotes. 

 Elk frequently use the pasture of Pressentin Ranch for grazing. Photo provided by Mike Sevigny. 


The primary stewardship goals for this property are to maintain and enhance habitat for elk and salmonids. In 2015, Skagit River System Cooperative (SRSC) began implementing a restoration plan to help us control noxious weeds and install native plants on the property. Invasive weeds found here include clematis, Himalayan blackberry, butterfly bush, and thistles. In addition to our partnership with SRSC, we have also hosted volunteer work parties to help us remove invasives and install plants improve the wildlife habitat on this property. 

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This site is open to low-impact public use for community enjoyment.


Click on the map above for a larger image. Map created using 2017 NAIP aerial imagery.

How to Get There

From Mount Vernon, drive east on WA-20.Just before Concrete, take a right to go south on Concrete Sauk Valley Rd/Gordon Rd. Follow the road over a bridge, and then take a right onto South Skagit Hwy. Take the second right onto Wilderness Dr. Continue onto Pressentin Ranch Dr. You will enter Pressentin Ranch, a private homeowners community. Follow Pressentin Ranch Dr until it ends in a circle. Park in the circle, then walk down the path at the opposite end of the circle from the entrance of Pressentin Ranch Dr to enter the property

Property Photos

Pressentin Ranch Field - photo by Bill Pfeifer Pressentin Ranch from Hurn Conservation Area Pressentin Ranch Elk - photo by Bill Pfeifer

Property Info

  • Type: Trust-Owned
  • Location: Concrete, WA
  • Acreage: 41 acres
  • Date Added: 2010
  • Please visit this property!

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