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Conserving wildlife habitat, agricultural and forest lands, scenic open space, wetlands, and shorelines for the benefit of our community and as a legacy for future generations.

Land Stewards and Land Steward Aides

Are you interested in helping to protect and care for a special place in the Skagit? The Skagit Land Trust is always seeking volunteers for our Land Stewards program!

Volunteer land stewards and land steward aides are vital to insuring preservation of the outstanding values for which the property was acquired. Effective stewardship requires a long-term commitment to the land, which can be best achieved when an individual adopts a property and provides stewardship for successive years.

Skagit Land Trust Land Steward Dick Raisler installs a property sign. Photograph credit: Skagit Land Trust staff.

Volunteer Land Stewards adopt one of Skagit Land Trust's properties and provide stewardship over a long period of time. As eyes and ears for the Trust, Land Stewards:

  • visit 'their' property at least quarterly to see what has been happening in their absence;
  • periodically take photographs at designated points to document changes;
  • perform minor maintenance on the property, remove invasive plants, talk to neighbors, initiate investigations of encroachments;
  • report findings to the Trust staff.

Volunteer Land Steward Aide is a new position started in 2017. Land Steward Aides are essential to maintaining our stewardship goals and responsibilities at all of our conservation areas by accompanying Land Stewards to 'their' property and assisting with various tasks. Land steward aids are interested in regular stewardship activities but not committed to a single property. Land Steward Aides will gain more knowledge about properties than volunteers that join for one-time stewardship events. With this experience, Aides may wish to become Land Stewards of an assigned property when an appropriate location becomes available.

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If this position is of interest to you or someone you know, please contact a Stewardship staff
member at (360) 428-7878 or

Our current list of Land Stewards & Land Steward Aides

Tim Alaniz
Tony Allison
Edward Anderson
Janice Buchanan
Matt Butler
Dennis Clark
Tim Colton
Kirsten Colton
Theresa Connolly
Janet Cray
Brenda Cunningham
Tim Cuthbertson
King Dahl
Russ Dalton
John Day
Pete Delachapelle
Phil Fenner
Martha Frankel
Ed Gastellum
Bob Gillespie
Pete Haase
Heidi Hixson
Matt Hixson
Paul Ingalls
Jim Johnson
Lynne Jordan
Phil Kincare
John Koon
Karen Lamphere
Chris LeBoutillier
Hal Lee
Ron Lindsay
Tim Manns
Tom McFall
Bengt Miller
Kristin Mowat
Steve Mowat
Mark Nihart

Mike Olson
Mike Oras
Jim Owens
Richard Raisler
Steffany Raynes
Claudia Ross-Kuhn
Rich Shaughnessy
Kinsey Shilling
Lin Skavdahl
Dennis Stanchfield
John Strathman
Kent Turner
Chris Varela
Jim Watson
Ranae Watson
Nathan White
Ian Woofenden
Shelby Zimmerman
Stan Zyskowski