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Day Creek Property

Property Description

        A view of Day Creek Conservation Area from above. 

Day Creek Conservation Area is situated within the Skagit River floodplain just north of the confluence of Day Creek and the Skagit. Day Creek provides spawning habitat for chinook, coho, chum and pink salmon at different times during their life cycles. Maintaining and improving the riparian system and managing for old growth characteristics are key goals for Day Creek. This 42 acre property was added in 2008. 


Red alder and black cottonwood dominate the forest while nettles and huckleberries make up much of the understory. Day Creek provides spawning habitat for chinook, coho, chum, and pink salmon as well as cutthroat trout, and connectivity for aquatic species to stream segments above and below the property. Other wildlife that utilize this area include bald eagles, salmon, black bears, cougars, deer, and various species of frog. 

 Side channels provide great habitat for salmonids. 


The stewardship goals for Day Creek Conservation Area are to restore old growth forest characteristics, eliminate non-native species, and improve riparian conditions and salmon habitat. Invasive species such as Himalayan blackberry are a concern for this site. Skagit Land Trust has also hosted several planting work parties to increase the species diversity in the forest.  Volunteers planted 100 native conifers in the winter of 2019. 

Click here to view information about the land stewards for this and other Skagit Land Trust properties.

 Volunteers gather next to Day Creek after a day of planting native trees and shrubs. 


This site is open to low-impact public use for community enjoyment, but access to this site is via private property which visitors need permission to cross, or via Day Creek. Please watch our event page for opportunities to visit the property with Trust staff during workparties and tours.

Above: Day Creek is one of four conservation areas managed by Skagit Land Trust in the upper Skagit River watershed. Map created by Skagit Land Trust staff using NAIP aerial imagery from 2017. Click on the map for a larger image.

How to Get There

Getting to this site is difficult. Please see notes in the Access section for more information.

Property Info

  • Type: Trust-Owned
  • Location: Day Creek
  • Acreage: 42 acres
  • Date Added: 2008
  • Please visit this property!

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