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Sumner Lake Property

Property Description

On the Lake Cavanaugh Road, there is an exquisite and peaceful place called Sumner Lake.  In 2010, Skagit Land Trust purchased 20 acres as a conservation area and acquired a conservation easement on these 7 acres of lakefront property.  The Trust will manage all the land within the project area as a natural area. Hundreds of acres of surrounding lands, including the rest of Sumner Lake, are managed by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources.

Sumner Lake features low-elevation bog habitat - a complete, unusual ecosystem.  The network of wetlands adjacent to the lake connects to streams that flow into the Nookachamps basin. These wetlands offer many benefits such as wildlife habitat, floodwater storage, water purification and ground water recharge.

The sensitive habitat, inventoried by the Native Plant Society, is home to plants such as Labrador tea, western swamp laurel and bog cranberry. Birds breeding at Sumner Lake include the Hooded Merganser and Wood duck. Sightings include Pygmy and Barred Owls, Western Tanager and many songbirds. The curator of arachnids from the Burke Museum said 27 species of spiders are found in this general area, 7 of which are bog-dependent.

This portion is private property, not open to the public. Please see Sumner Lake, Trust-owned property page.

Property Info

  • Type: Conservation Easement
  • Location: Big Lake Area
  • Acreage: 7 acres
  • Date Added: 2010
  • Not open to the public

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