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South Skagit Shaw Property

Property Description

This property protects more than 23 forested acres about four miles southeast of Sedro-Woolley along the South Skagit Highway, including several steep creeks and wetlands. The land was donated to Skagit Land Trust in November, 2000.

    This forested property contains a mix of native hardwood and conifer tree species. 


 The property consists of a mosaic of forested slopes and wetlands, as well as a network of seasonal creeks. Black cottonwood and red alder dominate the forested wetlands while western red cedar and red alder dominate the steep slopes. The property provides suitable habitat for many species of raptors, song birds, amphibians, and mammals.

    The aquatic habitat at South Skagit Shaw is important for amphibians and other wildlife. 


The primary goals for South Skagit Shaw are to protect the wildlife habitat found here. This includes removing invasive species from the property such as Himalayan blackberry. 

Click here to view information about the land stewards for this and other Skagit Land Trust properties.

    Volunteers such as our Land Stewards and Land Steward Aides play a huge role in helping us monitor properties like South Skagit Shaw.


This site is open to low-impact public use for community enjoyment, however there is not a clear entry point or parking available along South Skagit Highway. Please watch our event page for opportunities to visit the property with Trust staff during workparties and tours.

Map created by Skagit Land Trust staff using NAIP aerial imagery from 2017. Click on the map for a larger image.

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Property Info

  • Type: Trust-Owned
  • Location: South Skagit Highway
  • Acreage: 23 acres
  • Date Added: 1996
  • Please visit this property!

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