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Butler Creek Property

Property Description

 Butler Creek runs through the property and provides spawning habitat for Coho salmon.

This donated property consists of more than 13 acres on Butler Creek, just south of Alger. The property contains a mature mixed forest and a clear cool creek providing habitat for native fish and wildlife and a pleasant quiet setting for people. Coho can be found in Butler Creek, and the area also provides habitat for raptors and passerine birds. One corner of the property spans to the east side of the creek.


Walking the trail at Butler Creek takes you on a journey through two distinct forest habitats. While most of the property is covered by a mature Red Alder forest, following the trail north-east leads you to a conifer dominated forest where you'll find Butler Creek meandering among the Western Red Cedars and Douglas-firs. In spring, the forest floor is covered in trillium and skunk cabbage. 

Skunk cabbage in the conifer forest of Butler CreekSkunk Cabbage in the conifer forest of Butler Creek. 


Restoration at Butler Creek often entails pulling invasive species such as Himalayan blackberry, as well as planting native trees and shrubs to increase plant diversity in the understory. The stewardship of Butler Creek is often done with the help of community volunteers whose hard work at work parties help maintain this beautiful property.

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 Volunteers take a walk in the forest at Butler Creek Conservation Area after a day of blackberry removal and planting. 


This property is open to the public, however access to this site is via private property which visitors need permission to cross. Please watch our event page for opportunities to visit the property with Trust staff during workparties and tours.

Click on the map above for an enlarged image. Map generated using 2017 NAIP aerial imagery.

Property Photos

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Property Info

  • Type: Trust-Owned
  • Location: Butler Creek
  • Acreage: 13.3 acres
  • Date Added: 1996
  • Not open to the public

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