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Conserving wildlife habitat, agricultural and forest lands, scenic open space, wetlands, and shorelines for the benefit of our community and as a legacy for future generations.

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Donor Stories

Robert Keller and Pat Karlberg

Robert Keller and Pat KarlbergBob and Pat have long been involved in land conservation as volunteers, donors, and landowners. Their Cascade River property is protected with a conservation easement and they have committed to the preservation of this special place beyond their lifetime. They share that "philosophically, we believe that no one “owns” land. We humans are just caretakers of a place that also belongs to the wildlife, the trees, and the river. We have spent many years caring for this land and doing our part to help restore it to as natural a state as possible."

John Tursi

John TursiJohn Tursi is a long-time member who believes passionately in leaving a legacy of protected natural lands. He and his wife Doris shared a great love for Fidalgo Island and its people and enjoyed many years of watching wildlife at their 12-acre forested property across from Fidalgo Bay, protected by Skagit Land Trust with a conservation easement in 1997.

John and Doris’s contributions over the years directly protected 400 acres in the Anacortes Community Forest Lands and helped safeguard and steward hundreds of additional acres across the county. By gifting a legacy during his lifetime, John says he has had the pleasure of seeing the impact his gifts make. As a member of the Trust’s Cedar Legacy Circle, John’s foresight and vision have made an impact today that will be appreciated forever.

Ron Feld & Lorna Klemanski

Ron Feld and Lorna KlemanskiEvery day we are reminded that we live in a special place; in the midst of a land encompassing a vibrant river, verdant fields and magnificent vistas comprising a habitat suitable for so many species. While we have been fortunate to travel widely, we feel connected and committed to this place.

We feel Skagit Land Trust is the local organization best positioned and dedicated to preserve this special place in perpetuity. While we plan to continue volunteering and contributing funds to support the efforts of the Trust while we are able, we realize we cannot personally do so forever. So, to provide a legacy befitting the commitment of the Trust to conservation of this special place, we have each provided a significant bequest to Skagit Land Trust in our wills.

Rusty Kuntze and Libby Mills

Rusty Kuntze and Libby MillsFor us "future generations" means more than just people - it includes the hawks and hummingbirds, frogs and coyotes, salmon and butterflies that share this special place we call home. We have therefore decided to include Skagit Land Trust in our wills to help insure the conservation, protection and stewardship of the wetlands, forests and shorelines of the Skagit forever.

Skagit Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Trust's federal tax ID number is 91-1533402.