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Cascade Forest Property

Property Description

Cascade Forest sits on a forested hillside above the confluence of the Cascade and Skagit Rivers.

This resource forest provides important ecosystem services like water filtration, carbon sequestration and wildlife habitat. The Conservation Area is surrounded on three sides by industrial forest land. Using ecologically based forest management principles Skagit Land Trust plans to manage this forest for periodic timber harvest while promoting old growth characteristics and wildlife habitat.


As is the case with most forests, the Cascade Forest Conservation Area has been defined by major disturbances. Periodic timber harvest throughout the 20th century, plus a large fire in 1998 have left fingerprints on this forested hillside. Parts of the forest are dominated by paper birch that readily colonized the recently burned soil, while others host stands of big-leaf maple with shade tolerant conifers growing beneath.

The understory at Cascade Forest is comprised of many native shrubs. Salmonberry, thimbleberry, sword fern are abundant and snowberry and salal occur in open and dry areas near the ridge that runs through the property. Evidence of black bear, deer and mountain beaver has been observed across the property.

A small, forested wetland also occurs in the property and provides off channel habitat for juvenile salmonids, amphibians, birds, beavers and more.

The rock formation underlying part of the property is Shuksan Greenschists, which is routinely quarried for road building and construction. By conserving this land, the Land Trust has eliminated mining potential at this site.  


The stewardship for this property is guided by a Forest Stewardship Plan. This plan was developed using principles of ecologically based forestry with the objectives of promoting biological diversity, maintaining or enhancing streams and wetlands, protecting and enhancing wildlife habitat, managing for late successional characteristics, promoting healthy and productive forest soils, and periodic harvest of forest products. 


Cascade Forest is open to low impact recreational use. Deer hunting is allowed in compliance with Skagit Land Trust’s Hunting Procedures.

This property is steep and heavily forested. The logging roads that once provided access for equipment are very overgrown and travel is difficult due to terrain and vegetation. Visitors should use caution when hiking on this property.  

Click here for a link to Google Maps for the nearest pullout to Cascade Forest Conservation Area.

How to Get There

From Mt. Vernon: Drive east on Hwy 20.  In Marblemount, veer slightly right on Cascade River Road, crossing the Skagit River. Drive .7 miles and then turn right onto Rockport-Cascade Road to cross the Cascade River. Follow Rockport-Cascade Road for approximately 1.1 mile, and then the property will be on the left. Note that no developed parking exists at this site and visitors may need to park in a pullout down the road.

Property Info

  • Type: Trust-Owned
  • Location: Marblemount
  • Acreage: 79.6 acres
  • Date Added:
  • Please visit this property!

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