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"Eat Your Yard" garden tour benefitting Skagit Land Trust's Guemes Stewardship Fund

Jun 2010 19

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Guemes Island

"Eat-Your-Yard" is the focus of the The Annual Guemes Island Garden Tour on Saturday, June 19 from 10-4pm.

Becky Stinson, this year's organizer, has chosen several gardens of islanders who are actively producing food out of their gardens, raising animals for food, & including structures that extend the veggie growing season. These "working gardens" are mixed with ornamental gardens to provide a wide variety of unique gardens to view and enjoy. Total of 7 gardens.

Transportation will be provided from the Guemes side of the ferry ($3 to just walk on, $9 to drive on) to ticket sales, and vans available from there. Leaving your car at the 6th & I Anacortes side of the Guemes Ferry will help us keep fewer cars traveling down long winding country driveways!

Cost is $10. Proceeds going to Skagit Land Trust'sGuemes Mountain Stewardship Fund.

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