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Conserving wildlife habitat, agricultural and forest lands, scenic open space, wetlands, and shorelines for the benefit of our community and as a legacy for future generations.

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Skagit Land Trust is a non-profit organization that conserves land by purchasing and accepting donation of land and conservation easements, and by assisting partners and agencies with land conservation projects. Click or tap any pushpin on the map above to find out more about that property. Drag the map to reposition; use your mouse's scroll wheel or pinch to zoom in. Skagit Land Trust Conservation Areas are often open to the public. Properties with voluntary conservation easements are often owned by private landowners. Learn more about visiting Skagit Land Trust Conservation Areas and places where you can experience a Natural Skagit.

How do select the lands we conserve? Check out our Conservation Strategy Overview here: Conservation Strategy handout.pdf; and executive summary: ConservationStrategy_ExecutiveSummary edited with photos 2016.docx

And our climate change strategy here:Climate Change and the SLT Conservation Strategy 3.docx

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Acres Protected 

Conservation Easements (37): 3,629 acres
Trust-Owned Lands (41): 2,968 acres
Trust-Facilitated Projects (36): 1,555 acres
TOTAL acres protected: 8,152

Conservation Values Protected

Forested Habitat: 5,685 acres
Agricultural Lands: 816 acres
Lakes and Wetlands: 842 acres
Intertidal Habitat: 541 feet
Saltwater Shoreline: 17,670 ft
River Shoreline: 40.1 miles

Skagit Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with EIN# 91-1533402.